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Translator, transcreator, language consultant, interpreter, language teacher, reviewer & reviser: in short, I am a linguist. A good description of what I do can be found on the LSA page: “Linguistics is a major that gives you insight into one of the most intriguing aspects of human knowledge and behavior.” Fascinating, don’t you think?

Certifications & Qualifications



Translation Jobs

​1997 - present


​I have been a translator for decades, but I officially became ATA certified in 2008. My translation portfolio ranges from personal documents through marketing campaigns to entire books. I have also worked with translation agencies and language providers in both Brazil and the US. 



Interpreting Jobs

​1997 - present


Interpreting​ is a completely different sort of skill from translation. As an interpreter, I have worked in booth (at conferences) and on-site interpreting (also known as consecutive interpreting). 



Editing Jobs

​2008 - present


Good editing is as important as a good translation, therefore, I am honored to say I have helped great translators achieve perfection by pointing out some 'slips of the tongue' in their otherwise flawless works.







1994 - 2002


Both my MA and PhD are in Applied Linguistics from LAEL PUC-SP. My Master's thesis was about how learning English as a second language involves using words that must necessarily have been used by other people in different contexts. My PhD dissertation was also about learning English as a second language, but in the new era: internet-based courses at their very beginning. I received recognition for my research and I was very happy to be one of the first English teachers online!



​1979 - 1983


I started by college studies in the area of Social Sciences. I am honorred to be an alumna of one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). 

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